A blue car has rear-ended a red car

Last week at the CACM Northern California Law Seminar, we had a little game for those that visited the Berg Insurance Agency booth. Pick a card, answer a question, and win a very cool Berg Utility Card (even if you got the answer wrong). We were impressed at the knowledge of most of the managers… Read More

Man with binoculars standing atop a huge stack of books

It has been said “never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.” As the kids head back to school, it is important to remember that adults can benefit from educational opportunities as well! Recent lunch and learns have resulted in some very interesting questions and I even learned a few things when researching answers! For… Read More

Image of the word "Insurance" with a red and white umbrella leaning through it

You probably hear a lot of talk about umbrella policies, but are you clear on exactly how they work? Intended to provide coverage when your regular liability policy limit maxes out, umbrella policies can extend to general liability, directors’ and officers’ liability (D&O) and workers compensation policies. Here are the basics: • They are (generally)… Read More

friends clinking wine glasses outside

Last Friday, I attended a CAI luncheon in Foster City titled “Building Community.” Rolf Crocker and Nick Berg (no relation) did an outstanding job educating the attendees about how to foster community in homeowner associations. When the idea of community events came up, such as volunteer days, clubhouse events and holiday parties, one manager expressed… Read More