A question that has come up several times over the last few months is regarding the waiver of subrogation clause found in governing documents for most community associations. Most homeowners, and many managers, do not understand what it is and why it is so important. I think the best way to explain it is to… Read More

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Jenny from Cornerstone Management asked the following question: “What is the purpose of the broker of record change? Can an insurance broker have one signed, to obtain “blocked” quotes; is that legal?” Great question, Jenny! The Broker of Record change (sometimes called a BOR) is to, literally, switch from one broker to another. It would… Read More

A blue car has rear-ended a red car

Last week at the CACM Northern California Law Seminar, we had a little game for those that visited the Berg Insurance Agency booth. Pick a card, answer a question, and win a very cool Berg Utility Card (even if you got the answer wrong). We were impressed at the knowledge of most of the managers… Read More

Happy New Year 2017

Last year at this time, we talked about New Year’s Resolutions for your communities. So how did that go? What? You don’t remember what the resolutions were? Here’s a refresher: 1. Take Inventory – Take photos and have a list of all the “little things” the association owns but are not necessarily listed in the… Read More