Just like educating boards of directors of associations helps to enable that board to make good decisions on how to govern their association, so too does education of our legislators help them to make good decisions about the governing of associations on a state-wide level. And like association boards, our legislators all come from varied… Read More

Your Association has decided to do a retrofit of all windows in the complex so as to maintain uniformity, create utility savings and provide excellent value and service to their members. You have your skilled Manager do some research and bring you back three bids for this large project. Part of the Request For Proposal… Read More

Gotham City Police Department has been very successful with crime fighting in recent months which has left the Caped Crusaders searching for activities to fill their days. Batman has begun serving on his community association Board of Directors, and taken to morning and evening constitutionals. He strolls the many parks and opens spaces of the… Read More

Insurance is like a foreign language to most people. A foreign language most people think they should somehow already know; as if their mother had sung to them when they were in her belly and they should primordially remember the way she crooned the “Replacement Cost” lullaby to them, or later taught them the “My-mother-has-the-very-best-Ordinance-Coverage-and-you-are-not-it”… Read More