Clubhouse for an Association with a pool table

I received a great question last week from Jenny at Cornerstone Management: “I’ve been told when an HOA requires a homeowner to provide proof of insurance, it is done to protect the owner and HOA from any damages that may occur during the clubhouse event. In the case of substantial damage to the clubhouse from… Read More


Happy New Year! It’s time to refresh our memories of the New Year’s Resolutions we have set the last 2 years here at Coverage Corner, and see how we have done. Here’s a refresher: 1. Check the status and contact information for the association with the Secretary of State – Visit the Business Search section… Read More

Two people looking at each other

I am often asked what the difference is between an insurance agent and an insurance broker. As a Farmers Insurance agent, I would like to shed some light on the subject. I’ll let Michael Berg, President of Berg Insurance Agency, explain: “During the quoting process, the benefit of a Farmers agent versus an independent broker… Read More

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As we approach National Fire Prevention Week (October 8-14) we thought it timely to provide some important safety reminders regarding fire safety. Fire Safety Equipment – Never hang things on fire sprinkler heads, and make sure the area around them is clear so that the sprinklers can operate properly. Check your smoke detectors at least… Read More